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Google plus has become increasingly popular, leading to a sign up by yours truly ''. We use social networking as a base to help spread Joomla hosting awareness, and feel we should step on to the Google Plus train!

Paul Cowley
by | Posted: February 7, 2013 | Updated: April 23, 2013

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Google Plus

That said and done, we wanted to make sure our Google Plus profile represented our brand as much as possible. This meant us looking at the dimensions for our profile picture and Cover photo. In doing this we felt it necessary to share the details with our readers and Joomla fans.

Let's be honest, from the start, and say there is a resemblance to facebook's profile/cover photo look. When you think about it, this is a good thing because you can apply similar designs to both social networks.



Cover Photo


The correct dimensions are 900px wide by 180px height. I know some people say this should be 940px, but google will crop your image down to 900px.

  • Height: 180px
  • Width: 900px

Profile Thumbnail


The correct dimensions here are 250px wide by 250px height. I think it is important to mention that by default, Google Plus will add a padding of 5px to this image with a 1px solid border. All this added on will make the final dimensions 262px wide by 262px height.

  • Height: 250px
  • Width: 250px

As you can see from the image diagram above, the profile thumbnail pic will be placed 625px from the left of your cover photo.

See Our Google Plus Profile here

Template for our readers

Feel free to download our photoshop template: PSD Download
This will help you mock up your google plus profile with no fuss!

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Social Profiles

Google Plus
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